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Why your child should learn a second language

Ever since the 1990s was declared by presidential resolution the “decade of the brain”, many researchers have studied the brain of bilingual children. They discovered a lot about the impact of bilingualism and multilingualism in promoting cognitive development. It has been found that the brain of bilingual and multilingual children works differently than the brain […]

Our Philosophy of Education

I believe through education we can change the world. I believe each child has the potential to achieve great things, to shape their own future and the future of our planet. As teachers, our role is to make sure each child gets the chance to be all he or she can be. We must ensure […]

Why Comprehensible Input is Vital for Foreign Language Learning

Whether teaching Spanish or Mandarin Chinese, French or Arabic, every great foreign language teacher is very familiar with comprehensible input. Input is language that the student either hears or reads that aims at communicating something. For input to promote foreign language learning it must be comprehensible. Without comprehensible Input it would be pretty difficult for […]

ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

The American Council’ for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) has developed five goal areas, commonly referred to as the “5 C’s”. This goal areas focus on language learning beyond the classroom and aim to prepare students for gaining the skills that will help them achieve global competence proficiency of the target language. These skills […]