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Here is what parents and school directors are saying about Language Kids World

This school is amazing. It worth every penny i paid for. My girls 9 & 7 always attend to french camp during the summer. This yr we decided to try Language Kids World, even though it was 1 hr away from home. The girls learned: days of the week, months of the year, weather,animals, food, and members of the family and a lot songs that they keep singing over and over. All of that during 3 weeks camp session. Pretty impressive to me. Especially since they did not learned as much before. Plus the customer services from the secretary is amazing. She helped register and always super quick to answer my emails.

This has been the best partnership we’ve had to support the language component of our IB Primary Years’ Programme. From scheduling to the classroom, all the details were accounted for. I especially appreciated the attentiveness and great communication because as a school principal, I have a million things going on at once, so their attention to detail has been very beneficial to me! We look forward to many more years with Language Kids World!

The most professional language program I have ever seen. This summer camp was just what my kids needed: academics plus play, a perfect mix to make a fun and enjoyable week. Loved it and would go back in a heart beat! Thank you Kids Language World for taking such wonderful care of my kids.

As an on school site after school program, we were struggling with offering after school clubs that were willing to, and could operate within, our program at the schools, and one that could provide the highest quality of services. We didn't know where to start! It was frustrating and difficult to go through vendors and "interview" them. We decided to reach out to Vanessa at Language Kids because my own children had attended her summer language camps and I was always very impressed. My children loved the daily lessons and activities . I loved Vanessa's level of customer service. She was intent on making sure both her students and parents were happy.

Vanessa made working with Language Kids easy from the beginning. She was always flexible. She worked with us and our parents to insure that classes took place, even when enrollment was not where it needed to be. She was more concerned with offering the classes and using word of mouth to promote her enrollment. After just one semester, her classes grew. Parents loved the classes and so did the students! Vanessa's engaging classes, communication and customer service helped both Language Kids and Aft3r After School Program grow from school to school.

We have loved growing beside Language Kids and have truly enjoyed watching the success of the program as it continues to grow. What I loved most about the process was the ease of working with Vanessa. She always submits information on or ahead of when it's due. She is organized, communicative, kind, and she truly cares about running a great program. She makes our job easier because she takes such pride in hers.

We have worked with Vanessa for more than ten years now and her level of commitment and customer service has never waivered.

I had one of my kids in the Mandarin, French and Spanish camps. My child had fun in all three of them. In particular, my child liked the Spanish one at the Museum of Natural Science where he heard about Aztec and Mayan legends and also got to sing and move around in Spanish. The groups are mixed in terms of ages so that was a welcomed change from the typical school structure.

Before finding Language Kids, we were struggling with teaching Spanish to our youngest students.  It was difficult to find a teacher who could teach Spanish to the littlest kids and our older students. Not being able to find a teacher who could teach Spanish made us feel that we were not giving the best resources to our youngest students.  Finding Language Kids World gave us everything we needed, a teacher who knew how to teach Spanish and how to teach younger children.

We have experienced so many benefits as a result of working with Language Kids World! First, we freed up our in-house Spanish teachers to put more focus on their school-aged children's lessons, because we knew that Language Kids World was getting our early childhood students ready for Spanish instruction.  Secondly, the relationships we created with Vanessa and her staff, enabled us to collaborate on a long-term Spanish instruction plan for all our students.  This relationship has allowed us to begin exploring if our campus is ripe to switch to a dual language immersion school.  Vanessa sits on our exploratory committee and Language Kids World has helped us to look at this program through a different lens.  Lastly, we begin working together in the summers, hosting week-long immersion camps for our students that are designed and run through Language Kids World.

I am a firm believer that when you find another organization who knows how to do something very well, you partner with them, to make your organization better also!

What delighted me most about the process is the relationship with Vanessa.  I have found a colleague, a mentor for language acquisition, and a great partner.

 If you work with Language Kids World, you will not be disappointed and you will actually find that you have freed up some time and resources and given it to the professionals.

My children have enjoyed both the after school classes and summer camps in Spanish for the last couple of years. I can tell they truly improve their Spanish when immersed for longer periods of time. I know the language material is well thought out and crafted to be interactive, educational, and fun. I highly recommend Language Kids World!

Language Kids World is the epitome of quality professionals and service providers for foreign languages. Not only is their curriculum fun and engaging, but the way in which they deliver their lessons and activities is exceptional. Vanessa and her team truly do care about providing the best immersive experience to our students.

My kids are wrapping up their 3rd week at Language Kids Spanish immersion in Houston and all I can say is WOW! My kids had never learned Spanish before and although the first week was tough going into a full immersion program, they are already talking in full sentences, they have learned a huge amount of words, and they are having a blast. I am so happy with this program and highly recommend it!

One of the best experiences for my child and I ♥️

St. Mark’s Episcopal School has been grateful for the partnership with Language Kids World, especially our French Language program. Being able to offer additional languages in our after-school programming has been a great benefit to our families. Our students already receive Spanish Language classes as part of our school curriculum but being able to offer additional languages is always a bonus. The instructors are reliable and creative in their teaching, and we look forward to working with them each year!

In past summers, our kids have participated in Spanish and Mandarin immersion camps with Language Kids. We keep coming back because we love the teachers’ enthusiasm, joyful learning style, and welcoming presence. This summer, we tuned in for virtual classes and once again Language Kids did not disappoint! Thank you, Ms. Vanessa and team!

My children enjoyed attending Language Kids World’s Spanish camp at the Rice Village location this summer. It helped my daughter feel comfortable about starting Spanish-immersion Pre-Kindergarten at Wharton Dual Language Academy and my son retain the Spanish he learned the previous school year.

Parents and students really enjoy the Spanish class and the instructor is very professional and takes her time with the students in teaching them how to speak and say the words correctly. I have had this class at our campus for 5 years and I love it!

I was initially hesitant to enroll my 5-year old twins in one of the last weeks of Language World's camps since they hadn't had the same level of exposure to Spanish as other children enrolled in the entire summer program. In addition, my son was adamant about not wanting to attend. After talking with program director, I enrolled my twins for the week. (I made a deal with my son that if he would go the first day to at least see if he liked the program, if he didn't, he could call and I would come pick him up.) My son never called; in fact, each day I picked my children up, my son said he'd "had the best day ever!" And even after just one week of total immersion, my twins were teaching me words in Spanish.

This place is amazing! My 5.5-year-old loves the summer camp, even though it's online this year because of the Covid-19 thing. They did a great job developing the online curriculum. My son is engaged all the time with conversations and crafts. And I feel that 1.5 hours are just the right length. He happened to be taught by two teachers and both were great. I will recommend the camp to children who have some basic knowledge of Spanish. They also offer Spanish classes and we might check those out later.

Our kids have the best summer camp experience at Language Kids World. After the first week they were asking if they would get to go back next summer. The teachers are so caring and professional, the activities were engaging and they came home excited to share what they learned about other countries and cultures. The care and planning they put into making sure we felt safe sending our kids there was another big reason we were happy to go there this summer. I highly recommend it.

My boys (10y/o and 7 y/o) loved this camp. It was wholesome, welcoming and the staff was attentive and very sweet - especially Ms. Luz! Both sons also came home with noticeably improved Spanish fluency!

Excellent! My kid was in the summer camp and it was great! The teachers and the method. He was so happy. We love it!

My daughter just completed a week of virtual French camp. It was well coordinated, fun and interactive. I especially appreciated all the advance communication about the day to day activities so I could have her prepared. My daughter enjoyed it so much she wants to keep practicing all summer...and that says a lot! Thanks for a great week!

My 4 children learn a lot from the Spanish camp online. Vanessa does a great job. She makes it fun and simple. The kids pick up Spanish very naturally. Thank you, Vanessa!

This is by far my kids favorite summer camp! We have had a great experience here!

My little one did one week at the Science Museum location... beside we already love the place ... my son enjoined the camp so much. The teachers are amazing as well as the activities. They learn playing with songs and may activities. I do highly recommend this camp for any kid. Plus they are very good keeping the kids safe. Looking forward to another time with them.

A passionate staff committed to second language learning.